Wi-Fi is a cornerstone of the world’s connectivity and data needs. Wi-Fi is an essential technology for billions of people across the world, playing a vital part in citizens’ lives at home, work, education, leisure, etc. Today, it is rare to find a digital device that does not rely on Wi-Fi connectivity. Wi-Fi effectively provides broadband connectivity in homes, linking devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and even consumer devices such as TVs, vacuum cleaners, and air-conditioners. In addition to residential use-cases and consumer devices, Wi-Fi enables seamless and secure information flow among industrial devices and enterprise networks. It is critical for the operation of many industries and businesses. The value of Wi-Fi, and the advantages it brings, have significantly increased since its inception in 1999. Today, Wi-Fi-enabled connectivity is a fundamental infrastructure for a digital society.

The following three episodes in this series will cover status and Wi-Fi technology including Wi-Fi 6E enablement in the 6GHz band and select areas of current discussions. Episode 1 will provide an overview of the latest generation of technology, Wi-Fi 6 and 6E, upcoming Wi-Fi 7, and modes of operation and deployment scenarios. Episode 2 will explore the issue of how Wi-Fi 6E can complement the existing services, such as 5G and Satellite. Lastly, Episode 3 will address the issue of coexistence between Wi-Fi 6E and Fixed Service as well as explore how the Automated Frequency Coordination (AFC) can be used to avoid interference.

Episode 1:  (Date: 19 May 2022)

Episode 2: (Date: 2 June 2022)

Episode 3: (Date: 23 June 2022)

Speakers episode 1

Speakers episode 2

Speakers episode 3